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The following audio guide and scripts are the product of the 2016 University of York Archaeology and Heritage Field School in collaboration with the Nidderdale AONB and First World War Project. This document is intended to accompany the brochure and map of the Breary Banks site.

As first year students doing the BA Archaeology and Heritage course we had the opportunity for our heritage field school to take part in the Breary Banks project where we were briefed to create an audio guide and a brochure for the archaeological site, while the rest of our year cohort were excavating it. Breary Banks, as we discovered, has a vast and complex history – the area certainly has more then meets the eye! Originally a navvy work camp was built here in 1903 to build nearby reservoirs such as Leighton Reservoir. Work was disrupted in 1914 with the outbreak of war, and so the area became an army camp where the Leeds Pals and other regiments trained. From 1917 to 1919 it was a prisoner of war camp for German officers, and then finally, after the military left, it went back into the possession of Leeds Council for the construction of reservoirs. Eventually it was sold off in 1929.

As part of our project we worked with the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and curators from Leeds Museums and Galleries who provided us with feedback and advice throughout the six weeks of our project. We also had assistance from the University’s E-Learning department, who provided very helpful and useful sessions on the visual and audio components of our project. They provided vital insight and experience. The audio guide we created along with the brochure was aimed to educate the public on the site of Breary Banks, which can be distinguished by the Leeds Pal memorial cairn which is placed there. We wanted to encourage people to go to the site and interact with the landscape, and to bring the landscape alive by including stories and voices in our audio guide while having stops at landmarks where people can learn about history.  

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In addition, transcriptions of the script for the guide are accessible here for those who may have hearing difficulties or otherwise wish to follow the text:

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