We are a group of heritage practitioners at the University of York. In the late spring of 2016 we worked with the university, the HLF Nidderdale Project, and the museums of Leeds City Council to make an audio-visual guide to Breary Banks, which is a former camp for navvies, WWI recruits, and German POWs in WWI in the Yorkshire Dales.

This website follows the journey of creating our guide, and records the historical research we have undertaken on Breary Banks, alongside providing access to our associated brochure, photos, research sources, and more.

Our team consists of a mix of undergraduate students, PhD researchers, IT and e-learning professionals, museum curators, heritage professionals, and university lecturers.

The members of our project based in the Archaeology Department at York include:

Ashley: Former librarian, current Archaeology and Heritage student. Currently working at DIG and volunteering with the York Museums Trust with a passion for bringing archaeology to children.

Eliza Dorosz: Archaeology and Heritage Student at the University of York.

Emmeline: Archaeology and Heritage Student at the University of York. A passion for museums and heritage sites. Will often be found wandering in historic York admiring the sights and sounds of the city.

Harald Fredheim (instructor): Trained objects conservator and archaeological site manager. Currently a PhD student at the University of York, investigating the sustainability of voluntary heritage stewardship communities and the potential for increasing their capacity and resilience through digital co-creation.

Hermione Elderton: Archaeology and Heritage student at the University of York. Wildlife and Photography enthusiast, budding Anthropologist and human rights documentary filmmaker.

Jessica Chatburn: Archaeology and Heritage student at the University of York. Currently volunteering with organisations such as the York Archaeological Trust, and participating in a volunteering  project with East African Playgrounds with schools in Uganda.

Meghan Dennis (instructor): Archaeologist with more than 10 years of experience in cultural resource management, historic preservation and research-based archaeology. Currently a PhD student at the University of York, focusing on representations of looting and poor archaeological practices in video games and digital media.

Steve: Mature Archaeology and Heritage student. Background in Press and PR photography. Interested in promoting Archaeology and heritage to the public, regular visitor to the Western front and Flanders.

Tongtong: Undergraduate Archaeology and Heritage student, interested in Museum studies and Conservation works.

Sara Perry (instructor): Module leader for the University of York’s undergraduate heritage fieldschool. Lecturer in Cultural Heritage Management and Director of Studies of both the Digital Heritage and Archaeological Information Systems postgraduate programmes.

Map of Breary Banks: