A Photographic journey


Photo taken on a previous assignment by Steve. Copyright held by Steve.

In 1911 the same year the chapel was built at Breary Banks, newspaper editor Tess Flanders used the expression “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” This sentence is relevant in today’s 24 hour digital age. The Hidden Dale blog site has used photographs to document our project, some taken by a fellow student Ashley and myself. Many images are posted on social media everyday, mainly the ubiquitous selfie.

I started my love affair with photography at the age of eight when I was given a Kodak Instamatic camera for a birthday present. Then one day a neighbour gave me an old Rangefinder camer. He no longer used it, so this was a great gift. With this camera I learnt the basics of real photography. When I left school I got a job in a Camera shop. Surrounded by all this equipment, my photographic skills improved. As new models of cameras and lenses came on the market we used to field test them, meaning we’d go out into the local area to assess their performance.

The shop closed but I was fortunate enough to get a position with an advertising agency working as a Photographic Technician. I helped to photograph everything from toasters to lawn mowers. The advertising agency eventually moved to London and I stayed in Yorkshire.

I freelanced here and there, then eventually went to University to study photography and digital imaging. I have also obtained the Associate of the Royal Photographic Society  award, then I obtained a post graduate diploma in Photojournalism. I have photographed Bollywood film stars, sat on football touch lines in the pouring rain, chased prison vans coming out of crown courts and covered  fashion shows, but then the smartphone arrived and suddenly the newspaper and media started using Citizen Journalists. Why pay someone like me when people would send their images in just to get their name in print for free?

I have been asked to document our end of term exhibition which consists of a series of digital and analogue installations about the excavation projects. For this, a plan has to be worked out. I am not familiar with the room that has been allocated so I will go and have a look to work out angles, any natural light coming through windows, the location of anything distracting, fire extinguishers and yellow signs, etc.

My fellow Heritage students will be spending the day setting the room up. I wish to document this so I will look at the floor plans and position myself in an area where I can shoot images. This will probably be next to the wine (don’t worry I don’t drink.)

Just before the winners are announced, a series of what are called “talking heads” images will be obtained, people talking looking at the exhibition installations, etc.

When the winning panel is announced, I will be in a good position hence the location visit to capture the announcement and the presentation. Hopefully I can take the victorious team outside and get some group images

The images will be processed via Photoshop – nothing fancy, just levels adjustment, resized and captioned.


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