Media circulation & press release

Production of the audio guide and brochure has eased in the last week, so to get started on the end of year exhibition curation, I was appointed Project Manager for media circulation and press release. My media team includes Tongtong and Ashley.

Media plan

  • Document which plans we create.
  • Execute a variety of media.
  • Consider objectives, audience, timescales and budget.
  • Ensure that each member is working effectively with the media.

Team tasks

  • Social media plan
  • Prep and distribution of press release
  • Poster development
  • Development of the exhibition guide
  • Preparation of signage and labels

I have assigned the writing and publication of the media release to Ashley, with both Tongtong and I reviewing it before release. As a group we aim to have the media release reach BBC Radio York, UoY Radio and one of the many student newspapers, both digitally and in print. Departmental accounts on Twitter and Facebook will be used to publish information about the exhibition, written by Tongtong. Ashley will be putting her novice Twitter skills to use here, by creating the correct hashtags and applying them to Tongtong’s work. Hopefully these hashtags such as #UoYHeritage16 and #UoYArch16 will create effective media circulation for the exhibition. To maintain circulation on Facebook we will be creating links between the undergraduate department pages and the UoY Archaeology Society. Efficient media circulation is key in terms of collating a wider audience, so as a Heritage group we are fortunate to have access to well circulated university media platforms. Another way to connect with our primary audience, current students, is to communicate via the newsletter. This is both a weekly and an anticipated email.

Last Friday, the media team took the afternoon to create and complete the poster. The poster will be printed and circulated around the department physically and digitally. Before poster production we were stuck between using LucidPress and Google Slides. Both programmes allow multiple people to work on one product simultaneously however we decided Google Slides provided more convenience, as we could give access to the curatorial team.

Due to the exhibition catering to both the sites of Breary Banks and Malton, we formed a new name for the exhibition, Hidden Voices. Incorporating the word ‘hidden’, maintains our theme we created in Hidden Dale. To continue brand maintenance we employed the same colour scheme from the blog and brochure, for the poster. Brand maintenance was also enforced through the scrap book style scheme. In the bottom right, our key information is digitally overlaid on paper, taped to the photograph. This scrap paper clipping was also used in the brochure. As you can see, we selected an image from Breary Banks, the media team chose this because we felt the ash tree and vanishing point created a sense of mystery and intrigue. To promote our media outlets on the poster, the hashtag #UoYArch16 is sitting on rotation on the right. This executes the use of media outlets, without effecting the poster’s aesthetic. Attached is our final poster:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.12.19

Exhibition Poster, created by Ashley, Tongtong & Hermione.


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