The last step of our journey, the year-end exhibition

This year, like it was happening in the previous years, year-end exhibition will be the culmination of our first year at university. During the exhibition students who took part in  excavations at Malton and Breary Banks will present their panels which illustrate some aspects of the site where they excavated. This year the name of our exhibition is ‘‘Hidden voices’. Probably now, in your mind appear the question why hidden voices? What kind of connection has this title with archaeology? Answer is simple, all of us, no matter if we dig field or archives, try to bring to life voices from the past.



Photo from the previous exhibition. Photo by Colleen Morgan


When some of the students create their panel, the rest of as prepare the exhibition. However the preparation of the exhibition require from us a lot of engagement  so we decided to divide into two teams: curation(me, Emmeline, Jess and Steve) and media( Hermione, Tongtong, Ashley).  

As curation team our main task is to organize and supervise the exhibition. Because of the fact that panels will be created in the PowerPoint we had to check if all of the computers in G60 are working.  We need 16 computer since each group of students will be creating two panels.Unfortunately we discovered that some of them doesn’t work which meant  that we need  to request more laptops to take the place of the broken ones. Each station will also have headphones.  


Preliminary draft plan of G60.


What is more, we also had to order wine and crisps. In this case we had to make an important decision, how many bottles of wine do we need? Good news is the fact that we ordered more wine than in previous year! We also have to manage a voting station and create a ballot since all groups will take part in the competition for the best panels. The prize in this case is ‎£10 Amazon voucher for each member of the group. However,  this action is in progress since  we still have more than 3 weeks to the exhibition.


The last thing:

Come to ‘Hidden Voices’, the year-end archaeology exhibition on 9 June at 4PM in King’s Manor, G60. (Free food and wine in the programme!)


Written by Eliza


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