Stop 8- Do their lives matter?

Within the final stop of the audio guide, we wanted to finally round off the tour by directly talking to the audience. As a group we talked about what overall we wanted the audience to take away from the audio guide and make this clear in the final stop. The whole concept of our guide and project is to bring the otherwise empty landscape of Breary Banks alive with the voices and stories of its past.

Keeping it short, we wanted to end the tour with questions for the audience allowing them to continue to reflect after the tour has ended. Below is a draft of what the last stop will say;

“We hope you’ve been intrigued by the historical journey that you’ve taken.
May we ask you to stop and think about the characters that have shaped the history of this corner of Yorkshire. Even though the site looks empty today, Breary Banks was not always like this. The area around you was bustling with people doing their day to day duties. This is where children grew up, where men said their last goodbyes to their family, and where those German prisoners so far away from home spent Christmas; and now this is all gone.

The materials used to construct the camp were sold off in the 1920’s, and used elsewhere in the local landscape. Even though not much remains here today, by combining historical sources and excavations carried out by the University of York during 2013 to 2016, we have begun to imagine what Breary Banks would have been like. 

Take a look at the surrounding landscape, and think about all the people who once lived here.

Do their lives matter?

Will you be a part in remembering their legacy?”


Written by Jessica Chatburn


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