Stop 7, a review

A seemingly uninteresting area of Breary Banks has been brought alive in this epic story of war, friendship and poetry.

Stop 7 makes the recently excavated hospital come to life in this heroic story centering on the main theme of friendship. We follow the fictional character of Matron Jones as she undertakes the hard task of helping her severely shell-shocked patient recover from the horrors of war. Her patience and care flourish into a deep friendship that ends with her charge making a good enough recovery that he is able to get on with day-to-day activities. The stories told in previous stops are also integrated here, allowing the directors to make an authentic and heart-warming tale which encompasses the full occupation of Breary Banks. The trailer is well made and we strongly encourage you to watch it and listen to this story.

Audio guide rating:4 star rating

(Credit to Peter Rudenko for the music in the trailer. License under Creative Commons share alike.)


Word cloud captured from the script for Stop 7. Created by Emmeline using WordItOut




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