Stop4- Journey through the emotions

Stop 4 presents a story of the transition from Navvy to Army. At this point in the tour we are in the middle of our journey through Breary Banks. But this stop is not just a simple transition from one event to another, it is also an important transition of the emotions.

We all know that normally if we want to create a really interesting piece of work, we conduct a lot of research and then aim to transform that information into something emotionally significant.  In my case, this process was not as easy as I expected since the only information I had available to me was just a beautiful landscape in front of me and a few facts from history. Lack of information seemed to be a drawback, however I realized that it is actually an advantage. Why? The answer to this question is our imagination. When you stand on the exact same place as me you get the opportunity to use your imagination. You don’t see trenches where soldiers trained since they are not there anymore. But if you use your imagination just for a few seconds and visualize how this landscape looked in the past, you may have a chance to see these young soldiers during their daily routine. You may also realize that these, in most cases, young people had their own dreams which were destroyed by the outbreak of the war and forced them to make the hardest sacrifice, the sacrifice of their lives…

So if you are ready to listen to some fascinating history and see breathtaking views, my story is what you are looking for.

Here you can read a little piece of my work:

‘What is the weather today? Is it raining or is it sunny? Imagine that you are one of these young soldiers, you’re holding your rifle, you’re standing with your Pals on the hill, you are excited but you start to think about your unpredictable future, you know that in a few months, your real life as a soldier will start and the object in your hands will be used as a weapon of death. Now you need to dig another trench. It is raining but you cannot stop your work, you are tired and your spade doesn’t want to go deeper but you don’t give up and you continue your work since you know that on the front you won’t have time to have any breaks.



Look of the landscape, nowadays. More than 100 years ago, it was place where soldiers from Leeds Pals engaged in their daily routine. Photo by Ashley.


Now close your eyes and think one more time about these young people. Imagine that during their training session they had to learn how to survive in such harsh conditions. This was not just the test of their physical strength but also the test of their bravery and spirit.’

Written by Eliza



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