Stop 3 – Flo’s Story


FullSizeRender 2

Photo by Ashley. Editing by Hermione.


This picture of the Ash Tree at Breary Banks, where our 3rd audio stop will be, is where children used to play, the sons and daughters of Navvy workers. Recent excavation has recovered toys such as tea sets, marbles and even a toy solider. Can you imagine what games the children would play? Do you ever wonder if children played the same games as we do today? Maybe, little Florence, who very much preferred to be called Flo, can tell you.* Flo was a young girl who played her secret games behind the Ash Tree, with her new friend Patrick. Florence would love to tell you all about him, but be quick, their new game is a secret and they won’t have long to teach you before Flo’s Mummy comes! Although, do you wonder how difficult it was for children to live high in the dales? Was it secluded and cold? What would the children do, did they go to school and learn to paint or play music? Did they have warm beds and a family home? We know that Flo can tell you, but on one condition, you must go to the secret den behind the Ash Tree!

* Flo is a character derived from fiction to create a personal account in the audio guide.

Written by Hermione Elderton.


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