Stop 1- The Beginning of Your Journey

In the following week, each of us will go through our stops individually, and will explain why visitors should listen to our stories.


The 1st stop: Leeds Pals Memorial, at the beginning of the route. Photo by Ashley

My stop is the beginning of this journey at the Leeds Pals Memorial. This is a very meaningful and significant monument, in terms of representing the history of the site, commemorating the people who lived here, and who sacrificed themselves during the war. Therefore, it is important that visitors listen to my stop, because it introduces the site’s background and explains the whole route. Visitors will be given a general context of the site history, and some short information about how the route proceeds. As a result, they will understand and anticipate what they will hear at each stop, hopefully, so that they will not get lost on the way (although this is very unlikely!). Moreover, my stop provides visitors with safety and health information, to ensure they stay safe while walking on the roads and touring the site. The first stop also guides visitors about their journey: they will hear stories from different characters that will be told as the tour goes along. So visitors will be able to appreciate what comes next, and will recognise that the tour relies on narrative accounts to deliver information to visitors about the site.  Hence, by listening to my story, visitors will have a clear understanding of the site, as well as our audio guide, so that they will have a wonderful time at Breary Banks, if the weather allows.


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