Pen, Pencil and an eraser

This Wednesday we had the incredible chance of pitching our audio-guide and visual material concept to the Leeds Museum and Galleries team of curators. They then proceeded to give us feedback on our concept and what they would do as curators to make our product better.

On Friday the 29th we then went back to the drawing board to alter our original concept idea. After many hours we can now reveal to the world our final edits.


Pitching our concept to the Leeds City Museum and Galleries. Photo by Harald.

The curators loved our idea for the story-based audio guide as our main concept. They were intrigued by the associated mood trajectory, as it aims to convey the emotion of the period in a sophisticated manner. In terms of content, there were no suggested changes, which felt like a real accomplishment.


Concept map mood trajectory. Work done by group.

Many curators also liked the fact that the audio-guide had been designed in order that each stop was an individual story. This pleased one member on the panel as it meant that our audio-guide could potentially be used off-site, in a warm cosy living room for example.

However, no initial idea is safe from edits. One curator pointed out the need to ensure that our listener is at the correct location at the start of the next track. This formed part of our first edit. We have now ensured that our scripts will have a brief sentence directing the listener to the correct location.

Example: Now that you are at the top of the hill, near the fork in the road…

There was also an issue raised with the amount of stops we wanted to include in the audio guide. However as a group, we felt that the rich history of the site warranted 8 in total.

The Brochure

When one curator asked us “Where exactly is Breary Banks”, there was a collective sigh of horror as we realised there was no space on our brochure for directions. On our day off, a member of our group did a rough design of a set of directions, shown below. We will set about to integrate a version of these in the final edit.

Capture d’écran 2016-04-29 à 15.51.50

Directions designed by Steve.

Following the location issue, the curatorial team mentioned the logistics of display space as a factor of consideration for our design. Many leaflets have a top banner in order to stand out when in a display stand, and our initial design had not factored this in. This was rectified in the session on Friday.

One final comment was on the format of the leaflet- our shape is not traditional. However due to practicality issues i.e. windy conditions on site, our design idea makes sense. We wouldn’t want all of our brochures fluttering around freely at Breary Banks.


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