Creating a mini-documentary and thumbnail

To document our second visit to site I chose to take on my own project. I wanted to create another form of documentation – so far we had been taking notes and photographs. As an interesting alternative that wasn’t in our deliverables I chose to film our planned route on a GoPro Hero 3+. This provides the group with a visual aid during production time, in case any needed alterations occur and we need to re-visit the site stops.

Initially, the filming process was very basic as I filmed each stop and the features from its surrounding environment, such as, the Daffodils from the memorial. This began to inspire the aesthetic for my mini documentary, instead of aiming for conventional documentary style, alternatively I chose to cut the footage to mini clips, so the film began to feel like a storyboard. I achieved this by editing my recorded footage in Apple iMovie, a quick and easy way to cut down and join footage without hassle. In our time frame, employing this programme was effective and efficient. Colour alteration for each clip was seemingly impossible due to the GoPro picking up each extreme weather condition we experienced during the day, I carefully selected each clip so the weather would be the same, making it easier to alter the colours and create harmony between each clip. Again in the time we had, individual clip alteration was limited so I selected the colour palette tool and increased the blue tones, this made the sky deeper in colour and less grey as it contrasted with the green tones in the fields.

To maintain a fluid and attractive aesthetic in the storyboard I installed ‘blur’ transitions between clips. After the cut and transition process the ‘mini documentary’ was thirty nine seconds long, perfect for the pitch to Leeds Museums and Gallery’s Curators. I chose to mute the audio and add no sound effects, so the film could silently play in the background of the pitch while Jess talked through the stops in more depth.

Story board selection of the clips, key attached also:

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 13.08.28Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 13.08.45

As I had adopted the role of documentary film maker for the blog, we agreed it was also my part to design and apply a Breary Banks thumbnail for HiddenDale. After pitching my initial sketch to the group we decided to use it, I chose to layer a colourful panorama shot of the dale with ‘BB’, the initials of Breary Banks. I hope that the layering of the dale and the initials makes a visual and memorable connection for blog viewers. Also, the exaggerated colours in the image will hopefully encourage blog viewers to visit the site! Exaggerating the colours was also a must have, due to the image being scaled down to thumbnail size, it needed a level of impact factor. I performed the editing process on an iPhone app called Pronto, a photo editing application. Cropping wasn’t needed here, as the image selection on WordPress does this.

Sketched and annotated diagram of thumbnail editing:

FullSizeRender copyJPEG image-445094105D8F-1Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 14.03.35


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